Company Profile

UC Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Over the years UC Technology has grown to become an established company in the Manufacture  and Marketing of Educational Training Systems.  Its product range includes Analog and Digital Electronics Trainer, Microprocessor Trainer, Electrical Machine Trainer and etc.

UC Technology is committed to creating products that meet and define today's rapidly evolving performance expectations for education. It's commitment to quality training equipment  and exceptional customer service has remained the cornerstone of success over the years. UC Technology priorities are to "facilitate" solutions to its customer's needs;  its has it's customer foremost in its thoughts, processes and product development.

The reasons for company's success are its:

Dedicated People
Our extraordinary family of employees, comprised of  individuals who represent the very best in their fields, contributes to the UC Technology  distinction. The talent of each and every employee contributes towards the success of our products.

Marketing And Service Support
UC Technology has a wide Marketing and Service Network. We not only provide you the products that you need but also where and when you need them.  

We have an active marketing division which markets and supports products manufactured by us and other  companies in the field we operate. We are open to new business partnerships with companies focusing at the Malaysian and Overseas Market.  

Commitment To Quality
At UC Technology,  we recognize that commitment to quality is the key to customer satisfaction. It is our policy to provide our customers with products that have the very best features and performance, supported by good service, all this at the lowest possible cost. We wishes to continue growth with expanding product lines and enhanced service. We strive to maintain the International quality standards through employee training, UC Technology was founded on the above principles  and will continue to maintain and improve its performance as a part of our ongoing commitment to quality.

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