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Glossary G
g: The force of acceleration due to gravity equal to 32.1739 ft/sec2 or 386 in./sec2.

Gain: The ratio of the output level of a circuit to the input. This will be positive for an amplifier and negative for an attenuator.

Galvanometer: An instrument that measures small electrical currents by means of deflecting magnetic coils.

Gate: Element of a digital circuit. Also one of the terminals of a Field Effect Transistor (FET).

Gigahertz (GHz):1,000,000,000 Hertz; a unit of frequency.

Glitch: An intermittent error in a circuit.

Graticule: The grid lines on a screen for measuring oscilloscope traces.

Greencap: A type of polyester capacitor that the manufacturer dips in green paint to make it distinctive from all other capacitors.

Ground : 1) A conducting connection by which an electric circuit or equipment is connected to the earth to establish and maintain a reference voltage level. 2) The voltage reference point in a circuit. 3). The negative side of DC power supply.