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Glossary N
Nanosecond (ns): A unit of time equivalent to 10-9 seconds.

Negative Feedback: Feedback fron the output of an analogue circuit that tends to oppose the input. This has the effect of stabilising the circuit.

Network: A group of computers that are connected to each other by communications lines to share information and resources.

Nibble: One half of a byte.

Ni-cad: Nickel-Cadmium cell. Type of rechargeable battery.

NMR (Normal-Mode Rejection): The ability of a panel meter to filter out noise superimposed on the signal and applied across the SIG HI to SIG LO input terminals. Normally expressed in dB at 50/60 Hz.

Noise: An unwanted voltage or current in an electrical circuit.

Nor gate: Gate whose output is 0 if any of its inputs is a 1.

Normal-mode Rejection Ratio: The ability of an instrument to reject interference usually of line frequency (50-60 Hz) across its input terminals.

Not gate: Logic element that acts as an inverter.

NPN: Type of bipolar transistor using n-type p-type n-type material in its manufacture.

Null: A condition, such as balance, which results in a minimum absolute value of output.