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Glossary Y
Young's Modulus: Young's Modulus (the Modulus of Elasticity) is equivalent to the ratio of normal stress to strain.

Glossary Z
Z-axis: The signal in an oscilloscope that controls electron-beam brightness as the trace is formed.

Zener: A diode that has been specially designed to break down at a particular voltage. This is its zener breakdown voltage.

Zero Adjustment: The ability to adjust the display in an instrument so that zero on the display corresponds to a non-zero signal, such as 4 mA, 10 mA, or 1 V dc. The adjustment range is normally expressed in counts.

Zero Offset: 1) The difference expressed in degrees between true zero and an indication given by a measuring instrument. 2) See Zero Suppression

Zero Power Resistance: The resistance of a thermistor or RTD element with no power being dissipated.

Zero Voltage Switching: The making or breaking of circuit timed such that the transition occurs when the voltage wave form crosses zero voltage; typically only found in solid state switching devices.

Zooming: In computer graphics, causing an object to appear smaller or larger by moving the window and specifying various window sizes.